Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How I cope with my Shopping Habit

Since I have such a horrible shopping habit and times are getting a little tight on my wallet, I have become such a bargain shopper in my older years. Back in the Clinton years (LOL) when my money was flowing in, I would work and head to the mall for whatever I found interesting. Clothes, shoes, and bras whatever if I liked it I bought it sale or no sale. Those were the easy days.

Now that I am a single mom I am becoming quite the shopper. I am a sale hunter in all areas of my life. I am looking to save any amount. Coupons are my friend. I go threw the food store flyers and right down all the great deals and head there to get them. And the best is when there is a coupon to for it too. The other day I went to the mall saw a pair of jeans and realized I did not have my discount card and came back the next day. Winter is almost over but I do not care.... Boots 75% off 3 designer brands for under $ 100 Hello my deal of the year so far.

I am a big Wal-Mart shopper now a days. I have to admit I was never a fan but the deals and there prices are great for budget. I buy all my necessities there and even some of my food items (no super Wal-Mart by me). Kohl’s is by far the best deals in my town for clothes. I can leave with bags full for under $ 200. I bought about outfits for my niece for her bday for under $ 50.

I make it a game to see how much I can save when I shop. Like one time at the food store I saved $ 50. Jcpenny's once saved $ 189 and the bill was I think a little over $ 100. Not that I am a shopping fool, but I do like to occasionally step in the stores and spend a few bucks. I am silly like this. I love to brag about my savings on great deals rather than bragging about I spent a lot of money. Like my Impala I got an awesome deal on it, and it has pretty much as much if not more features of a C class Mercedes.

So for me to stay happy with my addiction without going bankrupt I have chosen to shop smart not stupid. It is all about the sales!!!

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