Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nipping At Our Tales

Holy Crap Christmas will be here in 3 weeks. I could have sworn I just finished cleaning up the table from Thanksgiving. I can tell you have not even started shopping with the exception of a few things for my daughter. See unfortunately my boyfriend....a super great guy...does his shopping last minute, so when I mention that I need to start Christmas shopping his response is it is like 3 weeks away. Yeah HELLLOOO..... I like to enjoy the Christmas season. I just finished decorating tonight, now I want to get my friggin shopping done so I can wrap, put the presents that I can under the tree and put my feet up and relax. I hate running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am having his family here before Christmas and then I am having Christmas at our house also. So on top of the shopping there is food shopping, cleaning, preparing...etc you get the picture. I am not a last minute kind of person....shit I have my months plan out 2 in advanced. I was planning Christmas at my house as I was signing the lease on my new place in June.

And the funny thing about this place I am staying. It seems to be twice the size of my old house yet I did not put up a third of my decorations. I like artificial trees so since my living room is small I had to find the narrowest tree out there. So after 3 stores I found one at Target. Of course not at the one closest to home I had to truck another 20 mins up the road to another one.

I am hoping this year, since my daughter knows more about what is going on and the communication is better, that we can do fun Christmas stuff. I believe my last party for the year will probably be on the 13th and then I can start really doing things with my daughter. And lucky for me my last working day for my day job for the year is the 19th YIPPEE!!! The advantage of saving as many vacations days.
I also have a lot to do with my website. I have some gorgeous pieces that I need to get on my website for all of you to see. I do have some new pieces I just finished adding today. So make sure you keep checking my website and sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you update on all the great stuff
Since I will be pretty busy and I may not blog before the 25th (although I am going to try) I will say it now loud and proud


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What my Thanksgiving weekend has in store for me

I am 100% Italian, so eating healthy and lite on Thanksgiving is blown out of the water. It is a typical Italian adventure. Dinner starts at 2pm and might end around 8. I usually arrive around noon to help my mom in the kitchen..............keep me away from the turkey or I will ruin it. I start with getting the antipasto ready. Cutting the cheese, rolling the meats, you get the picture. Then it is setting the table for 15 or more. AaAh not enough forks again. As everything is nearly prepared and ready to serve we are at the table for round 1 antipasto, then it is the pasta which is my weakness. My mother used to have soup too but I made her stop.... I stopped wearing stretch pants years ago. Then we have The turkey and Ham since my brother and I are not big fans of the turkey along with the 10 different side dishes. Dessert is 2 meals in itself since our huge table has pies, cakes and cookies down the whole length. Now that I have gain
6 lbs in a few hours I have to roll myself home to bed because I am too tired to do anything else.
I am looking forward to Friday I have off and I am planning on sleeping in. I have not slept pass 7 in months and I do not even think about going near a store. The couch looks like a nice place to plant myself until I am motivated to do something. I am hoping once I am motivated that I will get most of my pictures of my new jewelry on my website just in time for the holidays. I also Have a jewelry party booked on Saturday afternoon which will be exciting. I love the home parties. They are so much fun. And I think Saturday night I am going to curl up on the couch with my man with a nice bottle of wine and watch a movie.
So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Things are really picking up

So this past Tuesday I did my first Vendor Show. I was at Branches Catering in West Long Branch NJ. It was called "Fit and Fabulous". I was not expecting much from it but it turned out very well. I was the first Vendor table when people walked in the door. Even though most of the event was actually inside another room everyone had to pass me in and out and they stopped both times. The exposure to my business was priceless. It was very encouraging to see people truly complimenting me on my pieces. Especially since I take the time to import them from different manufactures in Europe and now I have even ventured to Jewelry Trade Shows to pick my pieces. I think people were excited to know that I have my pieces available to purchase and take home with you, rather than wait the week or so.

As the weeks go on and the holidays come closer, my calendar is filling up. I have parties and vendor shows every week. I know I am going to slow down after the holidays but I am feeling confident that I will continue to be successful. Please keep checking my website and sign up for my newsletter to keep informed on New Products, Sales and Events that Anna Bella Jewels has.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

World Ventures

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My night with Mary Kay Ladies

Last night I was invited to a very fun and informative Mary Kay makeover / meeting. On certain Monday Nights the "TEAM" gets together and gives a skin care makeover class and also discusses the accomplishments of each member of the team. I have to admit I just started using there skin care products so I have not had all the results yet but I do love the feeling of them on my face.

So while a few of us guest sat around and learned about these great products and learned how to put on makeup (and I have to say we all looked beautiful afterwards) I was actually paying more attention to the Team leader. Yes she is the leader that drives around in the Pearl Pink Mary Kay Cadillac. Kudos to her. She is very motivational and loves the company she is working for. If I had the time to dedicate to it I think I would be a Mary Kay Rep. The incentives are great, the products are awesome, and it is just fun. They have retreats, bonuses, and speakers to help each Rep to maintain and keep their goals and clients. If it is extra money you need this may be the right thing for you. And I heard from the grapevine the personal discounts and compensation are one of the best in the business.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

In our town we trick or treat today. It is because tomorrow on Halloween is one of the largest Halloween Parades around. They want to make sure the kids can trick or treat and go to the parade. So hear I sit listening to my 3 1/2 yr old whining about it is taking too long for her cousin to come over. Mind you he is 10 yrs old and just getting out of school. The kid is already high on sugar from her parade at daycare and has not taken a nap and to top it off oh yeah there will be cake tonight for my sister in law's birthday. So if anyone is reading this and wants to swing by and take this kid feel free, I do not know how much of her whining I can take. But the little devil is sooo darn cute. I would not tell her what she was going to be until today so all she knew was her costume was white and red. She was a devil/angel. Everyone who knows her and that has seen her so far especially her oh so patient teacher saw it and said that is the perfect costume for her. And that it is. This morning Perfect little Angel .... ok mommy, yes mommy.... and then she came home from her party at school and the devil arrived. I do not get too worried about the candy because I will bag it up and bring it to my brothers tomorrow so he can give it out to the kids in his neighborhood. I sneak it in his bowl and then I accidentally forget to bring her candy home from there after we trick or treat again. I am such a mean mom. But at least this way she gets good use out of a ridiculous over priced costume.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little About Me

Let me explain a little about Anna Bella Jewels. My Name is Andrea. I live in NJ. Back in I believe it was March 2008 I decide to start my own business and sell Fine Silver Jewelry. My boyfriend kept telling me this for months and I just kept blowing it off saying NAH I'd rather work for one of those "direct sales" jewelry companies. Well one early Saturday morning I woke from a deep sleep with the name Anna Bella Jewels. So I went online typed it in and it was available. So the leg work began. I am not even close to talented enough to make my own jewelry nor do I even have the time so I found awesome manufactures in Europe and the United States to create my collection. My awesome boyfriend put hours in to design my logo and website.

Back in September I thought it would be fun to start home parties. So with the help of some friends that sell tastefully simple, Mark K and Partylite we had my first successful party. It was so much fun!! And from that point on I have been busy busy promoting, networking and having some great parties. What sets me aside from the other Jewelry companies is that I own the company so I do not have to pay commissions to Reps which means my jewelry can be more reasonably priced and I also have FREE standard shipping on online orders. When I do home parties I am "cash and carry" which goes over great with the guest. Since most are used to parties that you have to wait a week or more for your items.

Well as I stated in my first blog post I am new at this whole BLOG thing so I will try to do the best I can to make it interesting to all.

Here are a few best sellers from my website:

Monday, October 27, 2008

I Finally Did it

Ok so I finally did it. I decided to jump into the whole Blog world. This could be more comical than anything since I am not really a good writer. I will be posting things about my Jewelry Company. New products, updates...etc.
Once I figure this out I will hopefully be more interesting to come back and read. So don't forget to come back and check what is going on.