Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Little About Me

Let me explain a little about Anna Bella Jewels. My Name is Andrea. I live in NJ. Back in I believe it was March 2008 I decide to start my own business and sell Fine Silver Jewelry. My boyfriend kept telling me this for months and I just kept blowing it off saying NAH I'd rather work for one of those "direct sales" jewelry companies. Well one early Saturday morning I woke from a deep sleep with the name Anna Bella Jewels. So I went online typed it in and it was available. So the leg work began. I am not even close to talented enough to make my own jewelry nor do I even have the time so I found awesome manufactures in Europe and the United States to create my collection. My awesome boyfriend put hours in to design my logo and website.

Back in September I thought it would be fun to start home parties. So with the help of some friends that sell tastefully simple, Mark K and Partylite we had my first successful party. It was so much fun!! And from that point on I have been busy busy promoting, networking and having some great parties. What sets me aside from the other Jewelry companies is that I own the company so I do not have to pay commissions to Reps which means my jewelry can be more reasonably priced and I also have FREE standard shipping on online orders. When I do home parties I am "cash and carry" which goes over great with the guest. Since most are used to parties that you have to wait a week or more for your items.

Well as I stated in my first blog post I am new at this whole BLOG thing so I will try to do the best I can to make it interesting to all.

Here are a few best sellers from my website:

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