Thursday, November 6, 2008

World Ventures

Laurie Mount is an Independent World Ventures Representative. They are an innovative online travel company that offers exciting products to our members. Retail and wholesale travel. Her retail site has a powerful search engine that allows you to search dozens of vacation websites simultaneously. What used to take 3 hours now takes 3 minutes! The wholesale is a membership that gives you access to exclusive prices on set trips. The prices are unbelievable. Most families save the cost of membership in their first trip. It is definitely a rough time for the economy and because of that, people NEED a break, they WANT a break. World Ventures is providing members with that opportunity at wholesale costs. Its a solution for families that want to go away but can't afford it at retail costs. Please visit for more information or to search for a vacation. I am also looking for anyone that may be interested in learning about our business opportunity.Laurie MountIndependent World Ventures RepresentativeCell: 201-362-5719Email: lauriemount@live.comWebsite: (book travel) Website: (learn about the company)

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