Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What my Thanksgiving weekend has in store for me

I am 100% Italian, so eating healthy and lite on Thanksgiving is blown out of the water. It is a typical Italian adventure. Dinner starts at 2pm and might end around 8. I usually arrive around noon to help my mom in the kitchen..............keep me away from the turkey or I will ruin it. I start with getting the antipasto ready. Cutting the cheese, rolling the meats, you get the picture. Then it is setting the table for 15 or more. AaAh not enough forks again. As everything is nearly prepared and ready to serve we are at the table for round 1 antipasto, then it is the pasta which is my weakness. My mother used to have soup too but I made her stop.... I stopped wearing stretch pants years ago. Then we have The turkey and Ham since my brother and I are not big fans of the turkey along with the 10 different side dishes. Dessert is 2 meals in itself since our huge table has pies, cakes and cookies down the whole length. Now that I have gain
6 lbs in a few hours I have to roll myself home to bed because I am too tired to do anything else.
I am looking forward to Friday I have off and I am planning on sleeping in. I have not slept pass 7 in months and I do not even think about going near a store. The couch looks like a nice place to plant myself until I am motivated to do something. I am hoping once I am motivated that I will get most of my pictures of my new jewelry on my website just in time for the holidays. I also Have a jewelry party booked on Saturday afternoon which will be exciting. I love the home parties. They are so much fun. And I think Saturday night I am going to curl up on the couch with my man with a nice bottle of wine and watch a movie.
So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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