Thursday, December 4, 2008

Nipping At Our Tales

Holy Crap Christmas will be here in 3 weeks. I could have sworn I just finished cleaning up the table from Thanksgiving. I can tell you have not even started shopping with the exception of a few things for my daughter. See unfortunately my boyfriend....a super great guy...does his shopping last minute, so when I mention that I need to start Christmas shopping his response is it is like 3 weeks away. Yeah HELLLOOO..... I like to enjoy the Christmas season. I just finished decorating tonight, now I want to get my friggin shopping done so I can wrap, put the presents that I can under the tree and put my feet up and relax. I hate running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I am having his family here before Christmas and then I am having Christmas at our house also. So on top of the shopping there is food shopping, cleaning, preparing...etc you get the picture. I am not a last minute kind of person....shit I have my months plan out 2 in advanced. I was planning Christmas at my house as I was signing the lease on my new place in June.

And the funny thing about this place I am staying. It seems to be twice the size of my old house yet I did not put up a third of my decorations. I like artificial trees so since my living room is small I had to find the narrowest tree out there. So after 3 stores I found one at Target. Of course not at the one closest to home I had to truck another 20 mins up the road to another one.

I am hoping this year, since my daughter knows more about what is going on and the communication is better, that we can do fun Christmas stuff. I believe my last party for the year will probably be on the 13th and then I can start really doing things with my daughter. And lucky for me my last working day for my day job for the year is the 19th YIPPEE!!! The advantage of saving as many vacations days.
I also have a lot to do with my website. I have some gorgeous pieces that I need to get on my website for all of you to see. I do have some new pieces I just finished adding today. So make sure you keep checking my website and sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you update on all the great stuff
Since I will be pretty busy and I may not blog before the 25th (although I am going to try) I will say it now loud and proud


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